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Monday, 21 June 2010

The 2010- guide to proper use of slang

This is serious business, think it isn't? Well you just try being out with a family member who tries to liven up the conversation with an off the cuff use of hip-hop slang, and does so improperly. Or uses an out of date term that cringes faces, and sparks laughter in the opposite way it was supposed to. Last night I was out with my father who chose to say," I'M BOUT-IT". A term from the late 1990's made famous by rapper Master P. aka Percy Miller, pictured below

If you are looking for some help with use of slang here are a few things that may help you.

1. If it was last decade IT'S NOT OK TO USE

2. Yes at one time these terms were the so called "cream of the crop" but those crops have spoiled.

3. Not sure how to use a term? Just ask someone, or listen and pay attention to the context it is used.
    (nothing worse than someone that tries to be 'cool' and ends up looking utterly foolish)

4. Hip-hop slang is a lot like the English language, words have different meanings. BE ADVISED.
    (i.e. Eight ball- the last ball you hit in pool. STREET DEFINITION- 8 oz of cocaine)

5. If you have any questions  you can always refer to the urban dictionary!

As you an see in this photo, my clip on tie and and spider-man book bag make me a specialist.

"Think positive, be positive, see positive results" -M.Dub


Preston said...

WOW!!! Thank you for you attention in this matter... This is a topic that needs to be addressed as it is a major problem in our society... Esp for the 50yr old, physically fit man who may be confused with being his sons'-brother... 'IM BOUT IT'!!!! Are you... Yo... Wat the.... WHERE THEY DO THAT AT???? LOLOL!!!! Thanks for chimming in... You are a specialist INDEED!!!!

Anonymous said...

an 8ball isn't 8oz of coke, its 3.5grams aka 1/8th ounce. 8oz is commonly used as fluid ounces and is about the amount of a filled coffee cup.