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Monday, 21 June 2010

The 2010- guide to proper use of slang

This is serious business, think it isn't? Well you just try being out with a family member who tries to liven up the conversation with an off the cuff use of hip-hop slang, and does so improperly. Or uses an out of date term that cringes faces, and sparks laughter in the opposite way it was supposed to. Last night I was out with my father who chose to say," I'M BOUT-IT". A term from the late 1990's made famous by rapper Master P. aka Percy Miller, pictured below

If you are looking for some help with use of slang here are a few things that may help you.

1. If it was last decade IT'S NOT OK TO USE

2. Yes at one time these terms were the so called "cream of the crop" but those crops have spoiled.

3. Not sure how to use a term? Just ask someone, or listen and pay attention to the context it is used.
    (nothing worse than someone that tries to be 'cool' and ends up looking utterly foolish)

4. Hip-hop slang is a lot like the English language, words have different meanings. BE ADVISED.
    (i.e. Eight ball- the last ball you hit in pool. STREET DEFINITION- 8 oz of cocaine)

5. If you have any questions  you can always refer to the urban dictionary!

As you an see in this photo, my clip on tie and and spider-man book bag make me a specialist.

"Think positive, be positive, see positive results" -M.Dub

Do you always eat?

This is a question I get a lot. The short answer, YES! The long answer...well that would be a drawn out version of YES! Listen it is quite simple. I eat around 4-6 times a day. Three of those meals are full meals. Ala breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The others are normally healthy snacks that get me to the next meal. I do a lot of meal replacements in the form of protein shakes. Normally I try to keep it healthy.  Being 6'8' and 235 lbs did not happen easy for me. Not until about age 22 was I able to maintain a weight over 215lbs. Tough stuff when you are playing CENTER/ POWER FORWARD in college basketball. Looks its simple, if you want to be big you have to eat big. Here are a few things that might help.

1. VITAMINS- You must be on some type, your body can NOT do it on its own.

2. TRAIN THEN REPLENISH- When you train, lift, run, or whatever you are doing to improve you are tearing your muscle fibers. If you do not eat properly after exertion you actually are causing damage with the work you did.

3. WHAT DO I EAT?- Its simple, chicken, fish, turkey, lean beef. Keep it healthy to pack on the muscle.

4. DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST- When you sleep your body recovers, and is still burning calories. The first thing you eat goes directly to your muscles.

5. HYDRATE- keep water with you after hard workouts the day prior. Your body will thank you later!

Try some of these tips out for a few weeks and you will notice a change in your performance as well as how you feel day to day energy-wise. Hey I know all about food and getting ready for training. It's what I do. Train for maximum performance when the situation calls.

 *below-meal I had at CARROWS here in California on vaca. Pretty good, started my day off rt haha

 "Think positive, be positive, see positive results" -M.Dub

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Let me dust this thing off

 It has been a while since my last post, and I feel it is time get a steady pulse again. Breathe some creative life back into my blog as well as the readers that became quite fond of the postings. My life stays in an erratic state. The last nine months have been a ride, here are the TOP 10 things I have been up to in that span.

10. Playing Call of Duty (PS3)- Listen it is beyond my expectations.

9. Rehab- The worst injury I have ever had took almost 6 months to get back to full strength

8.  Family- Traveling around the world with basketball can make things a bid distant with loved ones.  this time back has been nice to see family and be around for somethings.

7. Personation- No this is not a real word, but I have enjoyed the meaning I created for it.

6. Call of duty-...... DON'T JUDGE ME

5. Learning- Researching, reading, phone calls. A goal set in and I began finding way to reach it.

4. Networking- I became a HS volunteer coach, met people in the community, and joined a Football coaching staff for a HS. Go bobcats!!

3.Call of duty- I mean I have not played since MARCH but the hours I had put in were crazy haha.

2. Growing- Learning about myself.  Questing my choices, analyzing my movements. Trying to improve every day.

1. My newest venture, my company. INFUSE ENTERPRISES LLC, a goal for years. Now materializing.

"Think positive, be positive, see positive results"