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Monday, 7 December 2009

Allow Me to Re-introduce myself


Since my last entry it has been a little while. Though I enjoy writing more than I can explain there are times when I do not feel the urge or means to convey my thoughts in a fashion that I feel suitable. At times like that I just step away from the keyboard and choose not to make posts. I think I will keep things a little shorter this post and slowly work my way back into a more consistent manner of writing.First, thanks to everyone that has enjoyed what I have put forth thus far. The encouragement and compliments have been extensive and I see more and more that people are surprised at the my passion for writing as well as the manner that I convey my thoughts in. Any time that I can surprise someone and be able to step outside my basketball player identity to display a more in depth look I jump at the opportunity. Maybe it is the fact that I talk too much, and enjoy interaction with others that I hold close to me as well as just about anyone that I come across that allows me to capture the attention of readers. Maybe not. Either way the writing won't stop any time soon.

Things have been a bit down for me as of late. Not in a sad sense but in a more relaxed sense. After finishing my season in Portugal last spring and a great summer filled with great friends, better memories and a strong three months of intense workouts, I was ready to get back to work. With a job opportunity playing back in South America to start in the fall I was excited and ready to show off my hard work and talent yet again. Headed off to my sixth pro team I envisioned a great season and better things to come. Unfortunately I would deal with the first injury to stop me dead in my tracks and be forced to take a seat after struggling to play through intense pain. WORD TO THE WISE: groin injuries are not a laughing matter. Missing the last month of the tournament I was brought in for, I watched my team lose in the finals as I sat and was angered at the situation.

But what can you do? Complaining is not on my agenda, self pity is not allowed in my family, and excuses not in my vocabulary. Move on, get better, come back stronger. So I hopped back on a plane from Paraguay and headed through Bolivia and onto return in the Sunshine state I love so much. The warmth from the Florida sun can definitely cure your pains for a short time. "So what are you doing now that you are back and when do you get back to playing?", is something that I hear a lot of. It is hard to hear honestly, this injury takes a long time to heal and I have to go back to playing and have no lag from my current setback. Not an issue. I WILL MAKE SURE THAT DOESNT HAPPEN.

The first thing I did when I arrived home was get in contact with a high school coach nearby and offer my services in any fashion that he saw fit. Since my return it has been a blast to work with the boys basketball program at North Port High school in North Port, Florida. The team is off to a 4-0 start and I enjoy working with today's youth and passing on the lessons that made me successful player in high school, college and onto playing pro basketball overseas since 2006. With nothing but time open for healing I have found that it has been a great part of my day dealing with the kids as well as working on a business venture. On a side note they also offer worthy opponents on Playstation 3! Another of my new ways to pass the time I must say.

Coaching, recovering, relaxing, gaming, spending time with family. The last couple months back have been really nice. I am ready now to start getting back to work. Getting in shape and in a position to head back across the waters to the next stop in the "Marcus show" that is my life. I have stepped away from writing but I feel it is time to get back to it. More to come soon that is for sure. Thanks again to everyone that has had nothing but positive things to say, and even to those who have not. I feel like every thing you do is a growing opportunity, and so I welcome it all.

*Think positive, feel positive, see positive results...


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